About Lawesome™ Tees

The concept of Lawesome™ Tees began in the same place most idealistic young legal hopefuls begin their journey to the promise land – in law school.

Caren, founder and owner of Lawesome Tees, struggled to find joy in the high-stress, high-stakes environment of law school. After countless late nights – chugging coffee, laboring over mind-numbing judicial opinions and elbow deep in outlines and flashcards – Caren began to question her life choices. As much as she wanted to curl up in the fetal position and take a three-year-long nap, with student debt looming on the horizon, naps weren't an option and neither was quitting. Instead, Caren searched for ways to make the law school process more bearable. She became involved in student organizations and student government (which helped immensely). There were of course, frequent visits to local watering holes (what her friends affectionately referred to as “bar reviews”) which numbed the pain momentarily but inevitably led to bad decisions, hangovers and non-productivity. Then, like so many of her peers, Caren turned to the internet powers that be. She found quick comedic relief in funny "Hey Girl" law school memes, tweets about #lawschoolproblems by fellow panicked law students or Instagram posts about spotting 99 issues and not being able to IRAC a single one! It was this type of hilarious social media content that would bring a smile to Caren's face while at the library late on a Friday night. In retrospect, these "brain breaks" brought her tiny moments of joy in an otherwise joyless situation. From there, the journey was far from roses, but one fallen tree incident, two earthquakes and three stress hive episodes later, Caren triumphantly received her J.D. and is now a practicing attorney.

With law school finally behind her, Caren was inspired by one simple objective: to bring a little bit of humor into the study and practice of law. If it could work for her, it would work for others, too. From there, Lawesome Tees was born.


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